Java set location problem for android studio

Hi, After a long time I came again in blog. Now we start moving forward. 

Some peoples want to develop the android using jdk 1.7 and some peoples choose jdk 1.8. Most of times we struggle of choosing right one

What's new with JDK 1.8
  • Lamba Expressions
  • Small VM
  • Parallel array sorting
  • Bulk data operations for collections
  • and more...
Some users installed both java, but can't able to choose the jdk. And have some problems in android studio they choose the first time installed configuration, can't able to change the jdk in settings. 

if you want JDK location changes back to 1.7 every time it is updated to 1.8 path

If you've been upgrading your Android Studio and importing settings from previous installations, this might happen (it might also happen with a fresh installation).

So go to config folder is located in android studio.(Example: $HOME/.AndroidStudio2.1/confg)

Open the options folder --> delete jdk.table.xml (Take a backup, in case have some problem)

Restart the android studio.

Now it should be solve.


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